Kaspersky 2019 Antivirus Download

Kaspersky 2019 Antivirus Download – For years Kaspersky Lab has become one of the best names in computer security. The company’s top products for consumers today are Kaspersky 2019 Total Security. Looking at the dashboard is easy to see why Total Security is very popular.

This program is very easy to understand. There are eight initial options Scanning Updates Base Data conducive Money Conservation Password Managers Privacy Backup and Recovery Control of Parents and Kaspersky myself

The most crucial feature of course is the Scan which offers all the features you expect. you are able to do a quick and full scan of selective scanning that sees exclusive folders and scanning of external devices for USB drives.


Kaspersky 2019 Antivirus Download
Kaspersky 2019 Antivirus Download

Kaspersky 2019  Internet Security Download

Download Kaspersky Internet Security at link Download

Kaspersky 2019 Review

Of all the dashboard features that might cause confusion is this conducive money, that is Kaspersky’s version of a dedicated and sandy browser called the Protected Browser that separates your online financial activities from other parts of your system. This can include everything from entering your bank to buying something on Amazon. When active Money is conducive to automatically adding a bank site or payment system to the local database when you visit them. The pop-up then appeared offering to open a site in the Protected Browser. New improvements in Total Security of Kaspersky 2019 allow you to open sites directly from the notification area.

There is also the option to add other sites manually if you prefer to use them with a Protected Browser. You can also use the keyboard on the screen to type account declarations and passwords to guard against potential keyloggers hiding in your system.

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Password Manager is included in the Total Security subscription but you have to download it separately. This is a password manager that looks really good with all the features you need, such as a website login password, password storage application, banking data store for payment forms, automatic filling and conducive notes.

Strong users will enjoy the image upload feature that helps you save crucial information from screenshots or other images in an encrypted database. There is also a contact database if you need it. The Kaspersky 2019 password manager is available for Windows Mac Android and iOS.

Conservation Privacy is an interesting feature that summarizes online data collection efforts that are blocked through a browser plugin. There is also a webcam control option that prevents access from being valid for your webcam. Each of these options also has a button. How it works so you can more easily understand what’s happening and why it’s crucial

Kaspersky Parent Control focuses on controlling what child accounts on the PC they can access and for how long. Total Security 2019 is now able to treat all similar applications as one. If you limit web browsing, for example, no one can stop it by browsing in Opera instead of Chrome.

To control activity on other devices you have to switch to Kaspersky myself, which requires you to register with Kaspersky myself web service. After you have finished clicking on Kaspersky 2019, I send you to a web application to manage several devices if Kaspersky is installed. From the web application you are able to monitor the place of devices registered with social network activity and get real-time alerts for suspicious activities. There is also a controversial cellular communication feature that allows you to monitor phone calls and SMS messages that enter and leave your children if they have an Android device.

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Step further than the basics of this Kaspersky 2019 suite if you click More and more tools at the bottom of the primary dashboard you can dive deeper into your system

This part of Kaspersky 2019 Total Security received the most famous reshuffle for 2019. The new look is far more hygienic with a simpler navigation column on the left rail with core categories like My Network Security Managing Data conservation applications Cleaning and Optimizing and Reporting

Then in the primary room of the window you can see all the various tools offered by Kaspersky. there is no new tool here. It’s almost the same as before; but organizing this part is much easier to understand and not too confusing.

In the previous version of Total Security the first thing you see in the Tools section is some interesting graphics that show current CPU and memory usage and network monitors that show current and upward bandwidth usage. These features still exist but are not automatically displayed. CPU and memory usage for example are under Tools> Manage application> Application Control where you get a good full screen display on the application’s trust status on your PC and your current usage activities. Network monitors look a little less friendly and are under Tools> My Network> Network Monitor.

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Most of the tools here are standard for premium security suites. There are software updates to protect your desktop application to stay up-to-date and the upgraded version for 2019 includes the ability to schedule regular searches for application updates. An updated PC cleaner allows you to search and delete browser extensions without opening each browser. There is also an archive encryption feature and a quick link to the Kapersky keyboard VPN on the quarantine archive screen and archive shredder.

Another great feature is vulnerability scanning under Tools> Manage applications> Vulnerability Scanning that tries to detect all possible ways your system can be exploited. Vulnerability scanning is also available as an option under Scan> Scan schedule

Holistically Kaspersky Total Security is very easy to use and understand. This doesn’t overwhelm you with features but has more than enough ability to power users who want all the extras.

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